We take pride in offering the best pharmaceutical-grade craft cannabis to medical patients.  We understand that what works for some many not work for others.  We make sure that we have multiple strains available to assist in many different patient needs. We also provide topicals and other products to assist in your medical condition.  Please contact us if you need a caregiver.

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We can meeting in the comfort of your home or meet you in a central location, whatever is convenient for you.  Contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

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We offer many rotating strains for many different medical needs.

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Here at Farley's Cannabis Farm...

We provide only the best products to our patients.

We only use pharmaceutical-grade nutrients to feed our plants.  They are properly flushed and cured to perfection.

Many of our patients become an extended family.  Treating cancer, chronic pain, MS and many other conditions, we strive to be the best!


Next Steps...

If you are interested in becoming one of our patients, please call 207-272-7262 for an appointment.  If you would like more information, please use our contact form.