Farley’s Cannabis Farm

127 Main St Woolwich ME
Open Daily 10AM to 6PM

Established 2014

Farley’s Cannabis Farm is a Maine Medical Cannabis family run business. The owners of Farley’s Farm have always had a family run business, and we believe strongly in supporting local businesses. We will go out of our way to buy locally because we believe in a sustainable community. We are not only caregivers, but we are patients ourselves who utilize many benefits that cannabis has to offer.

About Us

Medical Marijuana Dispensary locally owned and operated on Route 1 in Woolwich. We specialize in flowers, in house CBD products, tinctures, cartridges, edibles and concentrates. We are a small family business that has been serving Midcoast Maine for seven years. We take pride in putting the customer first with high quality cannabis products. Please check us out on Leafly for specials and up to date menu. Come in and meet Farley at the store. We are also handicapped accessible with an ATM on site and a public restroom. Veteran’s discount everyday.

We take pride in offering the best pharmaceutical-grade craft cannabis to medical patients. We understand that what works for some many not work for others. We make sure that we have multiple strains available to assist in many different patient needs. We also provide topicals and other products to assist in your medical condition.

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I have tried different caregivers and dispensaries in the Southern Maine area for about 3 years now. Not one place has been able to compare to Farley’s. From the quality of their meds, to the atmosphere of their store, to the care and compassion that every person working there gives you. It is all much better at Farley’s, and my life has honestly gotten better since I started going to Farley’s. You go in and it’s like you’re talking to old friends. They help you find exactly what you need for whatever ailment you’re seeking comfort from, and their meds have never ceased to amaze me. They are the go-to for cannabis that this state has to offer.

-Becky K.

When I visit Farleys, it feels like home. The staff makes you feel welcome and it’s clear they enjoy what they do. I feel confident that any products I leave the store with are not only effective, but that they are safe. The level of quality, knowledge, and compassion is unmatched. The best in Woolwich without a doubt. Thank you for representing the cannabis community so well!

-Laura P.

While the quality of the medicine is the best I’ve had, that’s not the best reason to check out Farley’s. The people are passionate and knowledgable, there is absolute transparency about test results and how the product is produced, and the store itself makes you feel like you’ve taken a huge cleansing breath.

-Michaela H.

The store is warm and inviting. The family and staff who run it are the best people and the products they sell are top quality. All in all, a very caring, welcoming place. Highly recommend.

-Michael T.

I walked into Farley’s this day as I did often. The moment I entered Sayra noticed the two inch burn across my face, that I had received at work the night before. This burn was across half of my forehead and down around my eye. This burn was from equipment at work and extremely hot oil! Without thinking she handed me a jar of CBD lotion. She instructed me how to use it and I put it directly on my open burn. It immediately took away the immense pain I was in! Even air hitting it caused extreme pain, but that was all gone!! My burn healed in less than a week! You can barely see a small scar! Thanks to this amazing person and her generosity, her products, and fast thinking she saved me many nights of pain! And a scar I would have the rest of my life. Any time I get a chance I tell people my story and send them to Farley’s. Not just a business but a small family. When they opened their doors they opened their lives to us. I know for me I will always be so thankful to all of them! The community is better for knowing them. Our lives are better.

-Kristine B.

Genuine and knowledgeable people who love to help others find the care they deserve. Top quality medicine that helps me with numerous issues and my day is positively impacted because of Farley’s Cannabis Farm. Definitely try Wizard Punch, Purple Zkittles, and Granny Mac.

-Tom A.

I love this store! Great location, amazing variety of products, the staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. Love the Chem Brulee oil and flowers. Thank you for all that you do!!!!

-Jason W.

I have been shopping at Farley’s for some time now. Always the best quality and staff in the business. You feel more like family than just a customer. My go to stop 10/10.

-Michael A.

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